Our Mission

We simply the process for investing in crypto currencies by carefully aligning your investment experience & strategy with mathematically validated autonomous algorithms(bots).

Our intuitive user-interface allows you to perform a self-assessment of your investment experience and investing strategies. Each algorithm has a set of parameters that you have the option of defining. When a parameter is met, it will return an action (buy, sale, trade, etc.). Simple math is included in our definition of how the algorithm works. Mathematical definition and validation allow you to have a clear picture of what will happen under any given market condition.

Our software is available online, to anyone who would like to utilize and automate a pre-defined strategy for investing in crypto currencies.

We clearly define the risks and rewards for each algorithm. Our goal is to make auto-investing fun and entertaining, while removing emotionally charged investment mistakes. We believe we can reduce the financial risks normally associated with inexperienced investors while allowing for a new, innovative, and clearly defined strategy for the more experienced investor.

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