Magic Penny

The Magic Penny algorithm is based on compound interest
/* pseudo for basic mathematical validation */
double $n; $x; $y; // user defined
double $start; // start price
double $current; // current price
double $sale = $start * $x;
double $buy = $start * $y;
bool $isBuying; // boolean to invoke sale or buy
if($sale<=$current && $isBuying==0){function sale();}
if($buy>=$current && $isBuying==1){function buy();}

This algorithm works best when a crypto asset is increasing in value, over time(bull market).

You set the n, x and y values as to the amount you would like to invest(n), when to sale in the form of a percentage increase(x) and when to buy in the form of a percentage decrease(y). If the value increases by your x-value, it will trigger a sale of your asset, and then re-invest your entire amount(including profits) once it decreases by your y-value.

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